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Gerardo Gabriel

Gerado Gabriel - IFBB Men's Physique Pro


  • Gerardo Gabriel


  • July 27th


  • Monday-Saturday


  • Chest


  • Cable Fly, Squats & Lateral Raises


  • Basketball , Working on Cars & Bowling


  • My Fitness Journey began in August, 2008. At Seventeen years of age I decided to join the prestigous United States Marine Corps after graduating High School. I completed Basic training in November, 2008. I was then stationed in 29 Palms, California in which I spent my complete term stationed in that training facility. I was approached one day while training by the coach of Tam Marine BodyBuilding and he asked me if I ever thought of competing.
  • After several months I decided to give it a shot and did my first NPC show at the age of 19 in the Body Building Class. While in the Marines I competed in a total of three shows placing from 2-5th in the Men’s Body Building Open Class. After I finished my military term I started going to school full time studying Finance. While I was studying, I had the sudden urge to compete so I decided to do NPC South-Eastern National Qualifier in October, 2013. I placed first in this show, and qualified for Nationals one month later.I did Nationals in 2013, and placed 6th of 48 guys in my class. I was extremely disappointing, because I had given it my all. Backstage I was approached my Pat Lee and he asked me to shoot the next day after the show. This changed everything.
  • After the shoot this set in motion my Fitness Modeling Career, and I went on shooting several different Photographers. I really got recognized via social media as my images started going viral, and appearing everywhere. I worked with MuscleMania for a few months, and they helped in developing my image and brand. After several Months I left MuscleMania, and kept building my brand on my own.
  • As of recently I am getting back to competing which I took the Over All Men’s Physique Title in the 2015 Southern States Championships, and, ill be at the 2015 North Americans competing for my Pro Card. Now recognized as one of the most followed Fitness Athletes in the world, my goal is to not only dominate the social media channels, but also do what I love which is compete and challenge my limits in the IFBB.
  • At the end of the day I couldn’t be happier than to be with Team Nutrex!!