Vitrix Limited Edition

Supplement Facts

Vitrix is a highly effective and very popular natural testosterone booster that helps to build more muscle while also increasing libido and sex drive. What makes Vitrix unique is the fact that it contains the highest-grade form of Tribulus Terrestris on the market today, a full 1000mg of liquid German Tribulus Terrestris per serving. This yields 60% of active saponins and 20% protodioscin, unmatched by any other product in terms of potency. Vitrix also contains 500mg of a one-of-a-kind testosterone stimulating and estrogen blocking phyto-nutrient blend called NTS-5™, which synergistically combines the strongest sex drive boosting herbals.

All of this comes in a unique liquid-capsule delivery system providing the highest and fastest absorption rates possible. If you look at these characteristics, it becomes clear that Vitrix is the most effective natural product in its category.





This limited edition version of our best selling testosterone and libido enhancing product, Vitrix, is loaded with a high quality ingredient panel that is similar to the potency you were once accustomed to with the original version. Yielding 60% Saponins and 20% Protodioscin, this formula is unmatched and shown proven results to help increase lean muscle over time.

Our natural testosterone boosting formula also helps increase libido and supports male enhancementƗ for anyone looking to gain that extra edge in bed.




Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus helps boost natural testosterone production and increases anabolism which in turn, promotes muscle and strength gains over a period of time.Ɨ Another beneficial effect of tribulus terrestris is that it supports libido enhancement for an increase in an individuals sex drive.Ɨ



This specific ingredient inhibits prolactin release to help you sustain sexual performance for extended periods of time. Vitex Agnus Castus also can help aid in keeping testosterone levels high during the recommended cycle.



Avena Sativa is well known for helping enhance natural testosterone production as well as an increase in overall libido. This ingredient also promotes anabolism for supported muscle growth and advanced strength gains.Ɨ



An important part of any natural testosterone booster is to reduce bad estrogen levels within your body. Epimedium supports anti-estrogenic activity to promote lean muscle gains and a harder body composition. This ingredient is also an aid to erectile dysfunction issues as studies have shown.Ɨ



A popular ingredient typically found in most natural testosterone boosters, Eurycoma Longfolia Jack helps enhance sexual performance and activity. This ingredient also acts as an aphrodisiac to help amplify sex drive.

As a dietary supplement take 6 Liqui-caps on training days one hour before working out. On non-training days take 3 Liqui-caps in the morning and 3 Liqui-caps in the afternoon.

For libido enhancement: Take 6 Liqui-caps one hour prior to sexual activity.


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