“The Secret Sauce” To ULTIMATE Performance

Sep 14, 2023

By Shawn Ambrosino - Team Nutrex

When it comes to training – and training hard – everybody talks about the importance of hydration. The problem? Everybody talks about water intake – but for many athletes – water isn’t enough. Hydration is more than just water intake. A combination of elements is the secret to ultimate hydration and performance – let’s get into this…

Now, don’t get me wrong…

Water is INCREDIBLY important – and your body needs it to survive. 

So, if you’re one of those people that carries around a gallon of water…

Keep doing it. 

Most people need WAY more water than they typically get in – so keep that water close. 


The fact remains that for people that train – water just doesn’t have enough nutrients to keep performance to any kind of standard. 

If performance in the gym, in the fields and courts or on the mats doesn’t matter to you… 

Then by all means – keep doing what you’re doing. 

But the fact that you’re reading this lets me know that you DO care about physical performance…

And because that’s obviously the case – do I have some s@#t to show you. 

What you’re about to learn may change everything you think you know about hydration and sport performance. 

And no, this isn’t going to be about the importance of sports drinks like Gatorade…

Though that innovation revolutionized sports – the fact of the matter is – the amount of sugar used was absolutely atrocious. 

I’m going to show you how you can up your hydration game sugar free…

So, you won’t have to worry about your drink adding extra calories to your daily intake. 

Let’s start the show with something most people wouldn’t think about when it comes to proper hydration…

Amino acids. 

Essential Amino Acids: Fuel for the Beast


EAAs are integral to performance. 

We all know that essential amino acids are the building blocks of muscle. 

When you train – you lose nutrients – even the kinds of nutrients that keep our muscles healthy and repaired…

And those nutrients need to be replaced because these mighty compounds play a pivotal role in muscle protein synthesis. 

When you’re pushing your limits – your muscles need all the support they can get. 

Essential amino acids provide just that – aiding in muscle recovery and growth.

Now, that may not sound like an aspect of hydration – but the fact is – EAAs keep your muscles flush with the nutrients they need…

Which is why they’re one of the keys to staying hydrated. 

Taurine: The Energy Elixir

We all know taurine as one of the key ingredients to most energy drinks…

But it isn’t just for energy drinks. 

This amino acid works wonders in preventing dehydration during intense workouts. 

It regulates muscle contractions – helping you maintain proper form and reduce the risk of injuries. 

So, when you’re lifting – taurine is your trusty sidekick.

However, even more important, is the fact that one of taurine’s most important jobs in regulating water and electrolyte balances.

Taurine makes sure that our levels stay where they need to be so our system doesn’t get out of whack. 

Electrolyte imbalances can be dangerous leading to symptoms such as diarrhea 

Fatigue, headaches, irregular heart beats, cramps, muscle spasms, weakness or even nausea and vomiting. 

So, do yourself a favor and get some taurine in your life.

Calcium Potassium Phosphate Citrate: Electrolyte Excellence

Electrolytes like calcium, potassium, and phosphate citrate are the unsung heroes of hydration… 

Like taurine, they help maintain proper fluid balance in your body and prevent cramps that can derail your gains. 

These minerals are your secret weapons against the dreaded muscle cramps and spasms. 

If you’ve ever had a cramp wake you up in the middle of the night – you know exactly how important these electrolytes are. 

Raw Coconut Water Extract: Nature’s Sports Drink


EFF sports drinks. 

Sure, they taste amazing – but their sugar content makes them dangerous! 

However, there’s an alternative that nature created that has everything those drinks have in them and more – WITHOUT the sugar. 

Raw coconut water extract is a natural hydrator absolutely LOADED with electrolytes… 

It replenishes lost fluids and provides a dose of potassium – keeping you in peak condition for the toughest workouts. 


In my opinion, it tastes WAY better than those artificially neon-colored liquids.

Astragalus Membranaceus: The Recovery Reviver

After a grueling session – recovery should be your top priority. 

Astragalus membranaceus – an ancient herb used in traditional Chinese medicine – boosts your immune system and supports muscle repair. 

It’s like hitting the fast-forward button on your body’s recovery process.

As we talked about with EAAs – keeping muscles full and in good working order will go a long way to keeping them hydrated. 

That may sound counter intuitive – but trust me – it’s all a part of the same problem. 

Hydration Is MORE Than Just Water Intake

So, there you have it – the ultimate hydration arsenal for heavy weight lifting and hard training…

But remember – even with these super ingredients – it’s crucial to listen to your body. 

Hydration isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution…

Everyone’s needs differ.

However, one thing is absolutely clear…

For many athletes – water just isn’t enough. 

If you want to hydrate like a champ… 

Fuel up with essential amino acids, keep taurine by your side, and let calcium potassium phosphate citrate, raw coconut water extract, and astragalus membranaceus keep you in the game. 

With this unbeatable combination – you’ll conquer all. 

“Running back-to-back races requires a certain tactical prudence. Going too hard in any one race might jeopardize your performance in another. Maintaining proper hydration and caloric equilibrium also becomes increasingly critical.” – Dean Karnazes

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