By Team Nutrex Research

The Natural Series continues to grow even bigger in size as two new products will soon be available for purchase at

After the successful release of Plant Protein, there has been much hype garnered around the next two products that were originally teased throughout social media.

“Is it a naturally flavored Outlift, Postlift, Amino Acids or even CBD Oil?”

There have been many attempts by others to cleverly guess on what type of products will be announced next.

The possibilities are endless, and we understand that the wait to find out is even more excruciating.


For what we can say: Flavor innovation has never been better. You will see a brand-new flavor unlike anything we have released thus far throughout our entire product line as well as a popular favorite return in a different way.

The Natural Series is disappointment-free as quality formulas are the focal point like all of our products here at Nutrex Research.

For example, Plant Protein was formulated and created to over-step the flavoring boundaries and really emphasize on making a plant-based protein more enjoyable to consistently drink or even bake with unlike most brands that maintain a more gritty or “earthy” taste and texture.

But it doesn’t end there.

Joining the family of products that are well known as a series to assist in weight loss will be another incredibly formulated supplement you must grab as soon as it becomes available.

The Natural Series will continue to grow with more high quality, innovative products being added to the ever-growing lineup for you to check out and add to your daily stack.

Expect more information to be released and keep a close eye on our social media accounts for additional teasers and reveals.

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