By Austin Perry

You may already have plenty of unpleasant experiences and stories already popping into your mind.

Whether you’re new to the gym or are still trying to figure out proper gym etiquette to avoid any unnecessary staring or possible distractions, there can never be enough information to take in mind when you make your way into the gym for your workout. Here are 5 simple tips to avoid being ‘that person’ in the gym:

Re-Rack Your Weights
I can’t stress this enough, this is easily every avid lifters’ biggest pet peeve and for good reason.

I honestly can’t comprehend why people don’t understand the concept of when you’re finished with your sets, simply take all the weights off and return them to their proper locations. Seems easy enough, right?

Well, apparently this is all too much for some people and the next person to use the machine or barbell is faced with the task of unloading twelve 45-pound plates because the person felt that 1 set of a half rep was too strenuous on their body and can’t be bothered with re-racking it themselves.

Most Gym’s have also been annoyed with this as well and have taken their own approach by posting very big signs to help remind others to re-rack their weights upon finishing. It’s simple, just return the weights when you’re done using them.

Super-Sets with Way Too Many Machines
This is not a knock on super-sets by any means. However, those who take 8+ machines at one-time is getting old. We’ve all been here before, you try to jump in on your regular workout and go for the cables right away only to be hit with the “I’m still on this”.

Alright, next exercise I guess. So, you’re on your way to the incline bench when you hear the awfully familiar term, “I’m still on this one too”. While we understand wanting to maximize hypertrophy training to its fullest.

It’s also important to remember, there’s a lot more people in the gym than just yourself and unless you’re maxing out with extremely heavy weight, we can’t really bother with having to think of a whole new workout for the day just because a person wants to use everything at once.

To summarize, let people work-in while you rest or split your workouts properly and don’t disrupt the flow of other workouts.

Unsolicited Advice
Just don’t.

It’s not hard honestly.

Unless you’re Franco Columbu and have tips on how to grow your chest and stay diced, I don’t want to pull my headphones out to hear about your latest exercise you found through a forum. The ONLY exception to this rule if you see someone who may really be struggling with terrible form and obviously very new to lifting.

A quick tip on how to correct this to avoid injuring yourself is acceptable.

The point of this specific subject is, unless someone asks for help or wants advice, just don’t go up to someone randomly who is focused to bother them with pointless non-sense.

Screaming with Light-Weight Sets
You’re mid set trying bust out those last few reps on bench when the bros’ next to you have a bench stockpiled with a whopping 135lbs and all of a sudden you start hearing some loud grunting and screaming over your workout playlist.

You look over and you’d think they just set a new PR with how loud that screaming was.

In fairness, light weight to you may be very heavy to others and they could be trying their hardest. However, this is intended for the obnoxious ones who think a one rep max 135lb bench in their new pair of yeezy’s while screaming is going to impress the local gym fit chicks.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think there should be qualifications for being able to scream during a lift. Overall, it’s just not a good look and it will only bring you more laughs and negative attention.

Striking Conversations That Are Far Too Long
Everyone goes to the gym for one purpose in mind and that is to better your health and build your body. While the gym can be distracting at certain times, nothing is worse than running into friends or other people you may know that love to talk your ear off.

You’re completely focused, your Outlift Pre-Workout is primed and hitting you hard, you have your headphones in and on full-blast listening to your favorite playlist and then that one person just has to come up to you to get your attention to have a conversation that sounds like it can go on for hours.

If you see someone who is in their rhythm and minding their own business to accomplish what they came to the gym for, your best bet is to wait until their workout is finished to bring up this important conversation or just leave them be for that time.

Now, if you have a gym partner and they are asking you for tips or vice versa this tip can be an exception.

There is nothing wrong with asking for this specific advice but don’t cross the boundary and create a whole conversation about your week because this can extend your workout in the wrong way as even by talking for a few minutes between sets, you’re delaying the workout and this is not a good thing to do.

Try to be mindful to others who are on strict rest periods between sets and keep it all business whenever you’re at the gym.

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