By Austin Perry

Traveling and dieting

This specific issue may have come up for you many times so far and you may be wondering how you can stay consistent with your diet when meals may not always be readily available. Whether you’re traveling by plane or car there are many ways to stay on top of your diet without cracking and finding a local fast food place that hinders your hard-earned progress. It’s time to put an end to the excuses and figure out some solid plans to keep you in top shape during travel season. So, let’s talk about what you can do:

Purchase Pre-Made Meals in Advance

There are many services online or in-store that offer pre-made meals in bulk quantity while remaining somewhat cost efficient. By purchasing pre-made meals, you can keep an accurate count of your macronutrient intake throughout the day. By doing this, you’re also avoiding the need to stop at fast food or dine-in restaurants and risking the chance of eating food that doesn’t specifically meet your macro goals. With traveling, convenience is worth a lot and pre-made meals can ultimately make your dieting much easier to deal with instead of worrying where your next meal may be. Another HUGE factor is the pricing… By choosing this route, you’re avoiding somewhat expensive meals and if you eat up to 6 or 7 meals a day, you’re saving quite the penny by not eating in a dine-in restaurant where it’s a necessity to also tip your server.

Make Smart Choices at Fast Food Restaurants

If you must make the decision to stop at a generic fast food restaurant, there’s a simple tip of advice I give you. MAKE SMART DECISIONS. While there’s a ton of unhealthy food on the menu, try looking for different options that fit within your diet. For example, try going for grilled chicken breast and a plain baked potato or make healthy substitutions if the establishment doesn’t offer a lot of variety. A grilled chicken salad with balsamic or a vinaigrette dressing on the side is a very safe choice and can be added with more protein based foods. It’s all about being smart when it comes to eating at fast food restaurants and while there may not be a ton of healthy options, there is always a way around it. Let’s just say your family decides to dine-in at a restaurant, your best option would be to find a main protein source along with two additional sides such as steamed broccoli and/or rice. Also, don’t be afraid to ask if they can cook your food in a different way. For instance, most places tend to use a ton of butter, so to avoid a higher fat intake see if there are other cooking options.

Track your Intake Frequently

The biggest mistake most people can make while traveling is overeating or not eating enough. Tracking your macros for the day is very simple and can be done through many user-friendly apps such as myfitnesspal, etc. If you must eat something that’s not normally on your diet, just make sure you add it into your macronutrient tracker to see what the remainder of your goals will be. By doing this, you can avoid overeating and can set a plan up for your next few meals to hit the regular intake for the day. If a specific meal or food is not registered into the macronutrient tracker database, do your best to add in single ingredients and make estimations if you’re experienced.

Meal Replacements and Protein

Here we go, the fast and liquid based nutrition. In many cases, time is a serious issue and you may not always be able to get a proper meal in. Well, there are many meal replacement powders and protein powders that can be mixed with a carbohydrate and fat source to ensure you are getting the full macro and micronutrients in a liquid form. Nutrex Research ISOFIT is a gourmet whey protein isolate powder that contains 25g of protein per serving and is extremely low on fat and carbs. So, you might be wondering how you can make a meal out of this? When you’re strapped for time and fitness is life, you will make anything work. Here’s my plan of attack with making sure you get a full meal by using this delicious protein powder.

Step 1:

Take 1 and ¾ scoops of ISOFIT (Depending on your protein intake)

Step 2:

Add in 1 ½ scoop of a Carbohydrate powder (I prefer a brown rice derivative)

Step 3:

Add your fat source (MCT Oil and Powdered Peanut Butter are the easiest)

And boom. Here you have a full meal with all of your proper nutrition in a very simple and quick way to accommodate time restrictions. While eating a regular meal is always the best choice, this can come in handy when you’re in a serious time-crunch.

All of these examples are a great way to stay consistent with your diet while traveling and can help you continue your health and fitness progress along the way. While it may not always be that easy, taking the proper steps and thinking of all healthy options is the best way to approach the hectic travel season.

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