In light of a national recall of products made by ABH Nature’s Products, Inc.; ABH Pharma, Inc.; and Inc., for failing to meet current good manufacturing practice regulations that has affected over 800 companies; we at Nutrex Research, Inc. want to reassure you that our company has not manufactured or sold any of those businesses’ products cited, with the exception of one limited, single production run in January 2018:

CLA 180ct with the following Lot Numbers:

Consumers who bought CLA 180ct with these specific lot numbers can return the unused portion for a full refund.

No other Nutrex branded products were ever made by these companies or are part of this recall.

In our nearly 20 years in business, our priority has always been focused on manufacturing and distributing the highest quality products for our customers’ specific needs.


Jens Ingenohl
Nutrex Research, Inc.

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