By Taeler Christine

With the start of a new year comes the resurgence of motivation. It’s a time of fresh starts, redos and detoxifying anything that’s been holding us back. As you’re planning out your goals, there’s a few tips and tricks that will keep you accountable and set you up for success.

Make a list

Start thinking about what you really want to accomplish. What’s been on your mind for months? Maybe years? Perhaps this is the year you compete in a bodybuilding show or powerlifting meet? Perhaps this is the year you lose 50 pounds? Whatever you’re thinking about, write it down. You can eliminate later.

When you’re making your list, set one goals that scares you. This goal should be something that seems impossible, but with enough work, you could achieve it.

Compartmentalize your list

Categorize your list with what is most important to you. What would upset you if you didn’t accomplish it? What is most imperative to your health, happiness and well-being?

Once you’ve got your goals in order of importance, set a timeline for them. Jot down steps you need to take to make each one happen, along with a date you want to have them accomplished.

Have a Plan B (and C)

No matter how great your plan seems, always have a back up. Trust me, failure will happen. There’s going to be a goal you set that may not happen right away, and that is okay. To prevent frustration and throwing in the towel, have a back up plan for how you’re going to make it happen regardless.

Set up a reward system

I recommend setting up a reward system with anything other than food. Here’s why: the second we start to view food as a “treat,” it becomes viewed as “bad” and off limits if we don’t accomplish something.

I recommend treating yourself to something that coincides with your goals. If they are fitness related, maybe it’s new lifting shoes or a trip to Lululemon. Either way, have fun with it, and splurge a little.

Stop comparing yourself

As you are setting goals — whether it be financial, physical or emotional — never compare yourself to where someone else is on their journey. Social media can inspire you, but it can also set you up for failure based on who you follow. Keep in mind — many of us use social media platforms as a highlight reel, meaning you are seeing these people at their best. A great example is competitors. These #fitspo models post photoshoot photos year round, making it appear as if they are stage lean constantly. False. Don’t believe everything you see.

Regardless of your goals, make sure to create your own happiness, maintain peace of mind and live with purpose. Expect a few setbacks and road bumps, but know that every day is a new chance to kill it.

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