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Do you have a passion for the fitness industry and enjoy writing? Now’s your chance to join one of the fastest growing teams and become a contributing writer for Nutrex Research! By becoming a contributing source, you will be required to write up to 4 articles per month which contain research-based topics and other trending categories.

At Nutrex Research, we cover all fitness-based articles which include informative topics, recipes, workout plans, nutrition, fitness news and more! If your articles are published, they will also be featured on Nutrex platforms such as; Weekly email newsletters, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Prior experience is preferred, and all applicants must complete the form below and also attach an example article and send to to be reviewed.

Ideal Candidates

• Background Knowledge with Fitness, Supplements and Nutrition
• General Workout Knowledge
• General Sport Supplement Knowledge
• Research Backed Writing Experience
• NASM Certified (Preferred)
• Registered Dietician (Preferred)

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