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By Austin Perry

Jell-O shots are not only very simple to make, but they also create a fun twist on your favorite childhood snack. So, whether you prefer alcoholic Jell-O shots or even non-alcoholic, we decided to put together a mouth-watering recipe that contains our top rated EAA+ Hydration product for your own personal enjoyment!

Why not make post-workout recovery a bit more fun? With EAA+ Hydration, you get all the benefits of an essential amino acid product to help restore glycogen and repair muscle tissue after a grueling workout. Now, what if you could turn this product into a great tasting snack or even a fun, alcoholic party favor? Listed below, is a complete walk through for directions on how to make the best tasting EAA+ Hydration Jell-O Shots in both Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic versions.

For this specific recipe, you can use any of the three flavors of EAA+ Hydration. However, we decided to combine the perfect flavor ratio with the Blood Orange EAA+ Hydration.

Collect Ingredients and Follow Instructions

For this recipe in mind, you will need to have the following ingredients at your disposal in order to create the most accurate depiction of these Jell-O Shots. First, mix up 7oz of EAA+ Hydration Blood Orange with hot water and shake thoroughly. For the alcoholic version, you can add in roughly 5oz of a Vodka or Rum of your choice, plus 2-3oz of water added in as well. Next, you will need to bring 8oz of water to a boil.

Once the water has come to a boiling point, mix the Jell-O packet until fully dissolved. From there, add the shaker contents (either the alcoholic or non-alcoholic mix) that contains the EAA+ Hydration into the Jell-O. Continue to mix well so that everything can dissolve properly.

Once everything has been mixed, pour the contents into 2oz Ramekins with lids and set in the refrigerator for about 2 hours. Once the time has elapsed, you are ready to pop these out of the fridge and go to work! This specific recipe makes approximately 20 Jell-O shots when distributed evenly so you can share these with family and friends if you choose to do so.

• 1 Box of Sugar-Free Raspberry Jell-O
• 7oz EAA+ Hydration Blood Orange (Hot water and shaken)
• FOR ALCOHOLIC VERSION: Use 5oz Vodka or Rum plus 2-3oz of Water
• 8oz Boiling Water
• Add boiling water to a pan with the Jell-O
• Mix until Jell-O packet is fully dissolved
• Add shaker of EAA+ Hydration Blood Orange to the Jell-O
• Mix well
• Pour into 2oz Ramekins with lids
• Refrigerate for 2 hours

Be careful when making these delicious muscle recovery treats as they are delectably irresistible, and you may find yourself consuming all 20 by the end. Make sure to bust out this creation at the next party or event so you can not only prevent yourself from going catabolic, but you can rely on a quick, tasty and macronutrient-friendly snack.

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